Steve Jobs

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To Eric Greenfield, Steve Jobs was a heroic figure.  How can you not be blown away by this guy who transformed the lives of millions of people across the globe!  

But the more Greenfield read about Jobs, and then saw a movie based on his life, a very complicated picture emerged.  Yes, he was a genius, a visionary determined to change the world and who succeeded in doing so.  At the same time, he was egotistical, paranoid, dictatorial, demeaning, un-empathic and ruthless.  To accomplish his goals, he didn't care who he stepped on, ignored or disappointed.  

This dichotomy was unsettling to Greenfield and he no longer thinks of Jobs in absolute heroic terms.  Although it is human to be flawed, the extent and depth of his flaws coexisting with the greatness of the man is an uncomfortable parallel.  

Thanks to Jobs, there is unlimited access to information and communication which allowed the world community to find out what they always wanted to know:  
Who was this guy and what was he really like?  
Now we know, but who are we to judge?   

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