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With summer getting closer, Eric Greenfield started researching where he and his family should go on their vacation. His young daughter would be finished with summer camp and she couldn't wait to just hang out and have some summer fun with the family. Greenfield wanted someplace low-key, casual, with a beach, family-friendly activities and restaurants. He found the perfect location and he and his family rented a charming house. 

Did the Greenfields go to the Hamptons?  No.  The Jersey Shore?  Uh-uh.  The place that fit the bill was the North Fork of Long Island.  The star attraction in the town was a beautifully restored 100-year-old antique carousel.  It sits in a glass pavilion right in the harbor dotted with boats large and small, ordinary and grand.  Riding the carousel was almost a daily occurrence for Greenfield's pre-schooler who never tired of bobbing up, down, and around on the colorful vintage horses.

The North Fork area is home to acres of farms.  The farms, famous for their picture-perfect and delectable home-grown fruits and vegetables, are also a magnet for families with young children.  On any given weekend, they offer barnyard adventures kids will delight in.  There are goats and sheep to pet and feed, pig races, turtles to observe, and horses to ride.  One of the more memorable farm experiences for Eric and his family was a hay ride with a singing guide who knew the lyrics to every song the kids came up with.  Greenfield was sure the sound of the music, clapping, stomping, and laughter could be heard for miles around!

Farms, beaches, and a friendly down-home feel to the town added up to a perfect summer vacation for the Greenfields.  They'll be back.   


Summer Vacation