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When the weekend rolls around and Eric Greenfield needs a break from the fast pace and stress of the workweek, he escapes to a place where he can experience nature to its fullest.  A short car ride from Manhattan is a bucolic oasis with sweeping views of the Hudson and the Palisades.  

It is here at Wave Hill, with its exquisite gardens, landscapes, and hiking trails, that Eric Greenfield finds solace with family members and friends.  Each season has its own unique beauty--and the changing colors of the  landscape is a never-ending fascination.  It is here that the  human connection to nature is ever-present.  It is reinforced by engaging programs in horticulture, the arts and education. 

Eric's young daughter is especially fond of the family art projects.  One of her most enthusiastic artistic endeavors was making a mask that looked like an owl.  Prior to the art project, families gathered on the lawn for an informative talk all about the owl, a most interesting and mysterious creature.

The great thing about this beautiful public garden and cultural center is that it's open year-round.  So whenever Greenfield needs to escape the city, it's there.


Wave Hill